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Jason, smoldering at forks

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Jason fans, anyone can tell me where this is from?

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Jason practicing his golf swing in between takes of Searching for Sonny lol.

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Baby Jason lol.

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made this forever ago and forgot to post it… found it in my drafts…

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Clip of Jason Dohring on tonight’s Motive

“I really like how the show is non-linear and backwards and you start to figure out who the killer is, and even then there are twists and turns to make things interesting,” Dohring tells TV Guide Canada. The Ohio native is Gordon White, one half of a successful company he and Heather Williamson (Brooke Nevin, Cracked) has started. As Dohring tells it the episode’s award-winning director, Sturla Gunnarsson, referred to the situation as a “folie à deux,” or a shared madness between two people; the sum of their parts is greater than what they could achieve as individuals.

Their super-close relationship makes it hard for anyone to enter their circle, and when they do it leads to tension and violence. Enter Vancouver homicide cops Flynn (Kristin Lehman), Vega (Louis Ferreira), Lucas (Brendan Penny) and Cross (Warren Christie).

Dohring’s acting routine involves plenty of in-depth legwork even before he even steps onto the set; he was thrilled to work with a kindred spirit in Nevin, who wanted to rehearse, took notes and used different coloured highlighters to mark up the past and present sections of Dennis Heaton’s script. The actor–who appears in the golfing movie The Squeeze alongside Jeremy Sumpter (Friday Night Lights) next year–says it wasn’t all work on Motive. Nevin showed him the Vancouver sights and he, Gunnarson and co-star Penny unwound by hitting the outdoors. [x]

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Jason Dohring guest starring on Motive (X)

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