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No one writes songs about the ones that come easy.

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Logan and Veronica Appreciation Week

Day 4 - Favourite Quote From the Book: 

"This time his eyes seemed to meet hers; the camera must have been adjusted properly. And even though she knew it was an illusion and that their eye contact was being filtered through lenses and wires, it sent a little shiver down her spine."

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Logan and Veronica Appreciation Week

Day 3: Favourite Season - season one.

From enemies to friends to lovers.

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Logan & Veronica Appreciation Week: Day 2: Favourite Parallel
↳ 2x08 & 2x22 & book - (p.s. we’re just going to ignore the fact that she was talking about Keith in the original book quote because I liked this quote and wanted to use it here.)

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logan/veronica appreciation week: day two (favorite parallel)

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logan and veronica appreciation week | day two - parallels

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logan/veronica appreciation week

day two: favorite parallel(s)

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LVAW Day 2- Parallels.

Again I cheated as I couldn’t decide! Too many amazing choices. One of the may reasons i love RT’s writing is his parallels. So here are my two favorites.

1. Season 1 - M.A.D. and Season 2- Ain’t No Magic Mountain High Enough.

I loved how in a state where Logan seems like he could care less about Veronica( at the carnival) they showed that she was still on his mind, having his heart completely. It was sneaky- and it took me a long time to catch. But it was such a fun thing to find and confirms all along what we all knew. He loved her all that time. *Swoons*

2. Season 1- M.A.D. ( such a good episode) Leaning agains thet car to older more mature Logan leaning against the car in the movie. It was just perfect, and well that is why it had to be on my favorite parallels.

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