Jason William Dohring

A teenaged private eye. Trust me. I know how dumb that sounds.

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"I’m kinda this American hero Jet-fighter pilot…"

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Jason’s Dohring’s body > anything else. 

Rob knows what we want to see and that is shirtless Jason doing pull-ups and looking like a Greek God. So bravo boys. Bravo.

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"Boobitty bobbity Spartacus!"

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logan echolls

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Ten years ago today, the world met Veronica Mars. A fresh-faced newcomer named Kristen Bell made her TV debut as teenaged private eye, ostracized by her fellow students,who solves crimes on the side, including the murder of her best friend.

"I feel like Veronica, her superpower is being able to say what she feels. To speak the truth, which I think for teenage girls is an especially empowering notion..Though she has no special fighting power or super power, her ability to speak her mind, I think made her special to fans." - Rob Thomas

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friendly reminder: tomorrow (22/09/2014) will be 10 years since the first episode of Veronica Mars was aired

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Jason dohring is seriously hot. My thought for the day. All day.

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I really wanted to see this through with you.
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