Jason William Dohring


A friend talked me into getting a photo op with Jason Dohring. I’m glad I did because a) look at him b) he spends time talking to you before taking the photo and all he wanted to talk about was my shirt, Supernatural and Mark Sheppard c) he has an intense gaze and looks directly at you when he speaks to you and d) he gives great hugs.

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Fabio ain’t got NOTHIN’ on Jason and I ☺️

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Last night in Australia. Last dinner. Epic


Thugs on the streets of Sydney

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Play It Again, Dick - Behind The Scenes

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Jason Dohring Panel - Oz Comic-Con Melbourne, July 2014

(Veronica Mars Panel will be posted tomorrow)

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Source (X)

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Logan and Harley Quinn!

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Logan and Harley get arrested by Lamb, Captain America and her trusty sidekick Wallace

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So today I had my photo with Jason, Percy and Michael (ignore my derp face because I was screaming internally and trying to contain my excitement). I got to hug Percy then Jason and he called me sweetie *sigh* took the photo then Michael hugged me. I then went to get my photo from yesterday signed by Jason. My son wasn’t cooperating (he wanted his Galaxy tablet) but the photographer got him just at the right time, which Jason said to me haha I mentioned that I wrote a message for him in the books that Jess, sweetamara made because I knew I wouldn’t get time to say what I wanted to say. He said he read all the messages and wanted to send a special thank you to Jess for the message in the back (I think he said in the back because again I was internally screaming because here I am just casually chatting with Jason freaking Dohring) so sweetamara Jason says thank you :)
Then it was the Veronica Mars panel, I haven’t laughed so much in ages. These guys together were hilarious. They were asked what their spiritual animal would be. Percy said lion, Michael said polar bear and Jason’s… Unicorn lol the Michael asked us if we knew what a pack of unicorns were called and he says “A blessing”. Such a great weekend and never in my life did I think I would get to meet these guys, so glad I did.

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Oz Comic Con pics


Thanks to Jackie Warner @18days


"I got up to his panel, and [Jason] yelled ‘GET OUT!’ jokingly, and everyone laughed. He then said, ‘No, I’m kidding. I mean, I have to go with myself right? I like your shirt by the way.’"

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